Leather & Vinyl Repair


Car Interior Upholstery and Trim Repair

Using a number of unique techniques, Magic Auto has the ability to restore various trim & interior repairs back to it’s original factory condition. These cost efficient services can fully restore car interior trims such as tears to your car upholstery, cigarette burns, dashboard and vinyl damage, car leather repairs or windscreen chips to the highest quality within a couple of hours saving you from expensive dealership replacement parts.

Whether you require a quick car seat repair undertaken whilst you work, or perhaps require a fast, cost efficient dashboard repair, be assured that Magic Auto offer a completely professional car interior and upholstery repair service for your convenience.

If you’d like to find out more about any of the services that Magic Auto can offer you, please do get in touch with our team in Bath and we’d be happy to advise you.

Cigarette Burn Repair

For a speedy, convenient cost-efficient velour car upholstery expert, look no further than Magic Auto. Our specialists can carry out a multitude of minor car upholstery repairs, such as unsightly cigarette burn holes on both plain and patterned velour upholstery and carpets. Cigarette burns in your cars interior are not only unsightly but will seriously reduce your cars resale value. Our colour matching system means that any repairs will be virtually undetectable, restoring your car’s interior to perfect condition.

Leather & Vinyl Repairs

Minor tears or scuffs in leather or vinyl car upholstery can leave your interior not only looking unsightly and worn out but could affect it’s resale value. Thankfully now, using the unique Magic Auto colour matching system our specialists can provide a professional, speedy, yet faultless car leather repair service.

Because the original factory finish is preserved, there is no need for grinding the paint off, and filling the dent with bondo, primers, and sealers that are needed with conventional body repairs. PDR is also 100% environmentally friendly. No chemicals or other toxic materials are used in this process. Since there is no painting involved, PDR eliminates an unnecessary trip to the body shop. In fact, most dents can be removed onsite at your home or business while you wait.